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Origin:Northern Realm
Allegiance:Falling Stars
Profession:Team Leader
Star Level:Adept (High Tier)
Main Weapon:One-handed Sword

Darren is a young natural leader that joined the Falling Stars to discover what the world really is and face the mistakes of his past. He was given the Dark Town team leader position by the Master, nobody knows why though...

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Born in the Northern Realm in a city near the Narrow Keep, a long fortification the width of the realm at the frontier with the Free Realm. His father was a guard at the keep and his mother died from illness when he was only 5 so he was raised by one of his aunt.

//* Born in the biggest of the Northern Realms in an humble family. His father was a guard in the Narrow Keep, doing his duty protecting the north from the ever expending Free Realms, his mother died when he was only 5 and was raised by one of his aunt. He received a military training at young age by his father but that's not what interested Darren, instead whenever his father was at the Keep he sneaked out in the city with his friends and dared each other to enter rich people houses and bring back something to prove that they succeeded.

At age 18 he have become quite skilled not only in infiltration but also at leading his friends, at that time they were unaware that Falling Stars spotters were already watching them. About 6 months later his father was sent on a campaign to stop one of the Free Realms from advancing on the Narrow Keep, before leaving he gave him the family sword, not the best sword but it was in the family for countless generations. One day at the bazaar he heard two unusually clothed men talk about strange occurrences in the east, with his skills it was not that hard to eavesdrop the whole conversation. After hearing all this mysterious information and with his father gone he gathered his crew to plan the biggest heist they ever tried, the city castle, if they succeed they could leave the Northern Realms for the east to search something better for themselves. The night of the heist Darren felt there were something wrong with the guards pattern but decided to go with it anyway, everything went smoothly but as they were opening the safe a volley of crossbow bolt hit them killing all of them except Darren. The room was immediately filled with guards and what's seemed like the captain was talking but Darren didn't listen, too terrified over the corpses of his comrade. As soon as the captain finished talking a small explosion was heard and the room was completely drenched in darkness, as Darren tried to know what was happening he could only heard armoured bodies hitting the floor, in a flash the room was lit again revealing 3 hooded figures standing near the guard corpses. One of them walked toward Darren pointing a small crossbow at him and said: "I will give you a choice: you die here with your friends or you join the Falling Stars and become a servant of the Master." After a short moment Darren looked the man in the eyes and said: "If I join, can i go to the east?" The man smiled as he put away his crossbow and lends an helping hand to Darren. Without a second thought or luggage except for his father's sword he left with the hooded men for the Free Realms.





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